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Art pieces for Museum of Alternative Cheese (Berlin) 

Client: Simple V

Agency: Rckt 

Photo & Art Direction: Tom Medici & Roberta Inauen

The Cheese Connection

As we all know and based on the ideas of John Heywood, Argentine-Italian scientists

discovered in the 1960's that the Moon is made of cheese.

At that time, with this new information, they began to experiment with this material in order

to understand the vibration of the cheese and the waves it emits, with the objective of

using the Moon as a huge antenna.

They created devices made of the same material with the idea of achieving seamless and

trace-free connections, since of course, cheese waves are not possible to pick up with any

other non-cheese device.

These top-secret experiments came to an end with the invention of the Internet, and

cheese went from being a high-tech material to being back on our pizzas.

A few months ago, some of these devices were found in an old abandoned warehouse in

the north of Buenos Aires. Here in the exhibition we can see a complete set of

communication equipment, composed of:

- Goat cheese satellite

- Parmesan cheese direct broadcasting camera.

- Emmental audio and video transmitter

Simply V -24399 copia.jpg
Simply V -24444 copia.jpg
Simply V -24509 copia.jpg
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