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Tom Medici is a photographer and art director born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Raised by architects, he developed an interest in objects and studied Art Appraisal at UMSA in Buenos Aires, then worked as an antique dealer.
He approached photography by taking photos of antiques to sell at auctions and began studying analog photography in 2007.

Co-founder of two photography teams with focus on advertising until 2018 that he turns fully to personal art photography and commercial still lifes.
His work revolves around the material, the re-signification of objects and surrealism.

He currently resides in Hamburg, working as a freelancer. 

Represented by

Klaus Stiegemeyer

Hopfensack 14

20457 Hamburg

+49(40) 5354 1279

+49(40) 4100 5404


Tom Medici
August Kirch Strasse 1



Studio in Hamburg
Available in Berlin and rest of Europe. 

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